202: Salon Proven Business Methods to Increase Your Profits

There is a recipe for sunless success.  Do you want to know the ingredients?

Learn from someone who has actually been in your shoes and understands the challenges, and opportunities, you face daily.

Our Veteran Salon Owners will help you cook up a plan to see how your business measures up, while providing specific techniques for reaching the profit goals you want to achieve!

This is a working course, complete with customizable and downloadable spreadsheets to assist you with goal setting and projections.

You will walk away from this session with confidence and real numbers to implement in your business.

Never fear, with a pinch of persistence, you will experience the sweet smell of success!

Attendance Incentive At The Conclusion Of Course

202 à la carte class

  • OnDemand
  • Credit toward Master Certification
  • Attendance Incentive Included

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