203: Spray Technique & Technician Evaluation

tech·ni·cian /tek’niSHən/
n. – An expert in the practical application of a science.
A person skilled in the technique of an art.

In this hands-on course, you will work side by side with an NU Educator to evaluate your client consultation, personal application methods, and skills at closing the session.

During this class, the NU Educator will offer valuable tips and tricks to decrease session times, while incorporating up-sell opportunities and home care suggestions that combine to provide the client with a premium experience.

While with the NU Educator, you may use this valuable time to ask any questions you have from spray technique to product education and equipment troubleshooting – and beyond.

*A Model is required for this course.

Attendance Incentive At The Conclusion Of Course

203 à la carte class

  • Live Training
  • Credit toward Master Certification
  • Attendance Incentive Included

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