We Innovate.

For three generations, the Norvell family has pioneered many of the “firsts” in the sunless industry. We continually harness the synergy of science and skill to offer state of the art technology to our partners and our customers. Leadership is in our lineage – and in our future.

We Educate.

We believe in working from the inside out. We established the unprecedented Norvell University to equip our partners with every tool necessary to succeed. And we don’t stop there. We teach our consumers the most holistic approach to tanning on the market. Our business practices are transparent and our reputation precedes us. Integrity is our foundation.

We Deliver.

While Norvell is synonymous with flawless color and premium product performance, we also recognize the larger imprint of all that touches the skin. We strive to incorporate only the healthiest and greenest ingredients in the world. And we’ve crossed oceans to do it. Responsibility to each other and to the planet is our mandate.

About Norvell University

Norvell University™ holds a time honored place as the industry’s premiere public facility of higher learning.  By teaching the basics of how sunless works, how to become a Master Sunless Technician and lastly, how to give your clients everything they want and need.

Learn from skilled technicians with proven success the methods to make you and your staff the very best.  The industry’s #1 education and training institute is now available in more places, times and now with an even more advanced academic program.  Norvell University Alumni raise the bar of the industry’s success.

Join the Norvell family of technicians, a diverse community that spans the globe and numbers in the tens of thousands.

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