About Norvell University

Norvell is rated the #1 professional sunless tanning brand by spray tan artists. One reason for that lofty recognition is Norvell University™, the industry’s premiere sunless spray tanning training program, attended by over 15,000 people to date. Nu was created and is staffed by industry experts who started from scratch and built a successful spray tan business – client by satisfied client. The knowledge and practical skills training covers the science behind sunless tanning, the techniques to deliver a gorgeous tan to every client, and the tools and methods to build a successful spray tan business.

The industry’s #1 education and skills training program can be accessed three different ways:

  • The longstanding, high-energy full day L!VE Worship which takes place 12 times per year around the USA. Free online or live classroom training only with new equipment purchase.
  • The 24/7 Online Training Program. Free online or live classroom training only with new equipment purchase.
  • NEW for 2018, Norvell Academy Locations – a 1-on-1, hands-on, local, on-demand skills training for beginner and experienced spray tan artists, conducted in select authorized salons across the country.

Brandon Cardinal

Vice President of Sales, Norvell University
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Brenda Wooley

Norvell Brand Ambassador
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Drew Spurgers

Norvell Brand Ambassador
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Norvell products combine advance tanning and color science to provide customers the tan they covet, again and again.  Additionally, the cutting-edge tools and techniques created for spray tan artists are continually rejuvenated to deliver a perfect tan every time.


Norvell University’s success is 100% dependent upon the success of the artists we train.  The support and guidance we provide continued well beyond the formal training sessions to ensure that every artist has the skills and confidence to provide a great tan and build a thriving business.


Norvell is synonymous with flawless color and premium product performance.  All products are formulated and manufactured with the highest quality and freshest ingredients and then tested to exacting standards to ensure consumer safety and product quality.